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Welcome to your Reading activities for Week 5. 

This week some groups will continue with the book they were allocated last week, but most of you have a brand new text. We have decided to continue to focus on fiction for Bug Club work. Each group is being asked to read the entire text and then complete a task related to it - every group should be completing a book review. 


We are sorry if from time to time the book that we have allocated to you is one you have read previously. Unfortunately, we are not allocating books on an individual basis, but by groups of ability and skill. Should you find you have a book you have already read, then firstly, thank you and well done for completing the homework set to you whilst we were still at school. Secondly, re-reading a book can be quite a nice experience, you will need to refresh you memory of it and then complete the tasks set for the book.


Bug Club levels are colour coded differently to your allocated task activities. You all have the right Bug Club level for your reading ability. Just use the Bronze, Silver and Gold to tell you which level of task to do in terms of the Reading Comprehension. The Bug Club task matches the text you have been allocated.


Keep answering the Bug questions within the books - and if you have to type an answer - make sure you do it as fully as you can - we are marking these and have sent you a response and we have given you points based on your answers!


It is important that you keep reading - as much as you can. Share the books you have with your family the library is offering access to e-books and there are some websites offering access to free books, if you have exhausted your own at home library.

You can borrow e-books from the library also, you can join online - the link for this is on the Reading task page. 


Enjoy reading. We all look forward to seeing how much you have improved when we get back to school. 

We hope you enjoy your tasks. 


Update - So sorry - books for Brown, Blue and Yellow Bug Club were not allocated last night. This has now been sorted out. Thanks. 


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