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Thursday 7th January 2021


Input on related number facts

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Below you will find a document that will talk you through the lesson for today - we will share this with you during the Teams meeting, so it is there to remind you if you forget. 


You should also watch the video on the link below from White Rose and complete the tasks set. Ignore the parts where it asks you to complete the work book as you don't have that!


Maths tasks - Choose Bronze if you would be supported by a teacher, Silver if you would choose the challenge task at school and Gold if you would choose the extra challenge.

Number Magic
Whole Class Reading

We were very impressed with the predictions you made yesterday from looking at the front cover and reading the blurb of the Ice Palace. Well done Year 3!  Today and tomorrow we are going to read the first chapter of the book together.  Mrs Tilley and Mrs Griffith have both recorded themselves reading the chapter.  You should listen to the story and pause the video whenever you come across a word you don’t understand or you have a question.  Make a note of the word or the question and then carry on listening to the story.  Once you have finished listening you can look up any words you were unsure of using a dictionary or online dictionary.  We will share questions during our morning meeting tomorrow.

Ice Palace part 1


Lesson notes for SPAG lesson


The character on the front cover of our book looks like he is having a very exciting adventure, but like all adventures in books characters need ways to help them out of tight spots.


If you went on an adventure you might want to take a gadget with you to help you -

It might light the way in the dark - like a night light. 

It might  keep track of your steps or the distance you travel.

It might send an emergency message or something else. 


If we had been in school we would have been trying to programme a Microbit using code to turn it into a gadget like the ones listed above. 


We know you can't do that, but you can create and save code using a simulator instead! smiley

Use the link below to take you to the Microbit website. 

The instruction  sheet which you will also find below takes you through the tasks  you need to complete. 


A guide to how to use a Microbit

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