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Writing Task 1

This week we would like you to write a setting description based upon Count Dracula’s manor and the surrounding area. To do this, we have attached a clip for you to watch taken from Literacy Shed called ‘Dracula’s Whitby’. This video takes you on a virtual tour of Dracula’s quarters. You may want to watch this clip several times (and make some notes as you watch) to ensure that you understand what type atmosphere your setting description needs to create for the reader.

We have attached an example; we recommend you read this in detail to ensure that all features and devices have been used accurately. It may also spark some inspiration for your own setting description.


Writing Task 2

For this task we would like you to create a fact file on Count Dracula. To do this, we have included several links below that we think are good resources for you to gather your facts and information from. You can create your fact file either on paper or the computer. We have also included a fact file for you to have a look and help you generate some ideas.


Websites to gather information for fact file:



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