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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Although you are not coming to school right now, we are still thinking about you, caring about you and are here for you.  Below are some activities to help spread some kindness.
Number Magic
Forest School

The children who are at school today will be taking part in lots of Forest school activities this morning.

It is really important to try to find time to go outside, feel the wind, rain or sun on your face and have the ground beneath your feet and the sky above your head. This helps to promote good mental health and well-being. So we encourage you to try to spend some time today outside. 

You might like to take part in the activities planned here or you might decide to complete a task from a previous week  like the scavenger hunt or natural portrait. 

You can complete the activities on a walk, or in your back garden. 

As we know, Ivan has been walking for a long time in the forest, he has been leaving footprints in the snow, but, he is not the only being in the forest, there are many other animals and birds, all of whom will leave tracks either in the snow or the soil! 


There are number activities you might like to think about today. Watch the video links first so you know a little bit more about tracks and how to find them. Then there are a number of activities you could choose to do.


1. Take a walk in your garden or a little further afield and see what tracks you can find. You will need to look very closely. There is a sheet to help you identify them if you need it. You might like to take photographs or draw a sketch of what you find.


2. Make your own tracks. These could be your own and or your dogs footprints on a muddy walk, or you could find some items around your house that you could use to make fake tracks, in your garden or out and about! (Ask permission first before you use any household items, please!) 


3. Make some salt dough (recipe below) and then press items into it to look like tracks. You could make lots of different stone shaped pebbles each containing a different track - maybe you could even label them! 


Or you could come up with your own idea linked to tracks - remember not all tracks left behind are animal tracks - bikes, boots, cars etc all leave tracks behind so you could look for those if you can't find animal tracks.  

RSPB guide to animal tracks

Simple Salt dough recipe


Today we will be continuing our work with pictograms.  Watch the video in the Video Resource Centre 'Maths - Statistics - Tuesday' before choosing and completing a task.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.


Theme/English - Character description 

Today in English we need you to plan your character description. This task should take about an hour. 

You will  need the work that you completed yesterday about Starjik - where you will have collected lots of descriptive words. 


Below you will find a template to help you to 'box up' or organise your ideas from yesterday, plus new ones, into paragraphs. It gives you tips on the order of the text and what you need to put into each paragraph. 


Watch the short video in the Video Resource Centre where we show you how to use the template. 


The boxed up plan is exactly that - a plan - so you don't need to write in sentences - use it to organise you thoughts!

Boxing up Template for a Character Description

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