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Friday 11th February 2022


You should read for at least 20 minutes every day. Please record your activity in your Reading Journal.  We'd love to hear about anything that you read, magazines, newspaper, comics etc, so record it all.  Remember to bring your reading book and Reading Journal into school every day.


Maths Challenge:

You should practise your allocated times tables on TT Rock Stars for at least 30 minutes. Starting on Friday 11th February the whole of KS2 will be taking part in a tournament.  This will end on Friday 18th February.  It would be brilliant if Year 5 could win! Let's show how great we are at teamwork by everyone taking part.





This week we have been looking at where our food comes from and we used the website: to find out how many miles our food had travelled from its origin to our plate. We learnt that to reduce C02 emissions and our carbon footprint it is best to buy local. This week for homework we would like you to research the benefits of buying locally and then create a poster that promotes buying local produce.  You can use the persuasive skills you acquired when creating an advert for your Greek dish.  Make sure your poster is eye catching and factual.

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