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The Chocolate Challenge

We have had a very exciting start to the Autumn term in Year 3…

On the first day of term we were greeted by a HUGE Golden Balloon which we couldn’t wait to pop! With the arrival of the balloon, we received a note from Mr Cadbury who has planned to set us a number of challenges. If we complete them successfully, and collect all of the pieces of the Golden Ticket, then we will be rewarded with a ‘free’ trip to Cadbury World for all of our hard work. Once we popped the balloon we found a complimentary piece of the Golden Ticket along with our first challenge. Mr Cadbury asked us to design and create our own chocolate cake and send photos of these to him via email. We got to work straight away to complete this challenge by tasting a variety of delicious ingredients that we could include in the cakes. The children have now made their cakes and, from what we heard, they tasted amazing!

The children worked really hard making their cakes. They carefully measured and mixed the ingredients, baked their cakes and then lovingly decorated them!

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