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VE Day


On Thursday the 21st of March, the pupils of Year 6 celebrated Victory in Europe day! This event consisted of much feasting, singing and superb dancing!


VE day marked the end of World War Two in Europe on the 8th of May 1945. While the war was over for Europe, it continued for many months in the continent Asia. The Year 6 VE Day celebration was a culmination of all their fresh knowledge and learning across the last term.

Food at the celebration included a selection of delights from the 1940s, featuring beef and chicken paste sandwiches and a classic wartime jam tart recipe! The children dazzled with their Lindy Hopping and impressed with their own compositions in a Big Band, as well as providing some stunning singing. Many guests came and the hall was filled as visitors marvelled at the young stars.


Although VE day is remembered as a day of happiness and celebration, it is a poignant event to remember as so many people lost their lives. All of Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Lest We Forget’ theme and felt that this was a fitting way to end it.


Written by Matthew Bl, Phoebe P and Jacob H


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