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Monday 22nd February


We hope you've had the best half term and managed to get some well deserved rest.

Are you ready for a brand new week of home learning?laugh


Here is your quote of today. Remember, storms don't last forever. We will be back in school soon.

This week's continent is... SOUTH AMERICA!

We're off to South America! A continent full of culture. Let's learn as much as we can all about this amazing continent. Remember that you can always do some of your own reading and research about South America! Why not impress us with some fascinating facts?


Today we would like you to complete your 6th passport page. Watch the videos and have a look at the websites below then pick your favourite physical and human features from Australia ready for your passport. 

Remember to use your word mat to help you with your spelling.

South America research links


This week's book is called 'Buddy's Rainforest Rescue'. Buddy is an orangutan and this book is based on a true story about the problems of rainforest deforestation. 


We have chosen this book for our 'South America week' because, although this story is based in Southeast Asia, rainforest deforestation is a global issue (this means it is a problem all over the world), especially in the Amazon rainforest in South America.


Watch the video in the 'Video Resource Centre' to listen to Miss Rogers reading the story. You can also have a go at reading the story yourself using the PDF below.


Video Resource Centre - Year 2 - Buddy's Rainforest Rescue read aloud


Below you will see the 'Words of the week' (Miss Rogers will also go through these in today's video). Your task is to choose 3 of the 'Words of the week' and write a sentence using each one. 


This week's book 'Buddy's Rainforest Rescue' is all about rainforest deforestation and so we thought we would take this opportunity to see what we can do as a class to try and help this global issue. But first, we need to find out all about the issue.

Did you know...


The Amazon Rainforest is the world's largest tropical rainforest, covering about 40% of South America!surprise 

The Amazon is the biggest deforestation front in the world and around 18% of the Amazon has been lost already.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) estimates that 27% - more than a quarter - of the Amazon will be without trees by 2030 if deforestation continues as it is.sad

Today we would like you to do some research into deforestation. Use the links below to help you find the information you need. You may even want to do some research of your own. It is up to you.

Whilst you are researching, we would like you to look out for information that will help you answer our BIG FOUR questions...

  • What is deforestation?
  • Why is it happening?
  • Who is being affected?
  • What can we do to help?

Once you have finished your research, we would like you to fill in the big four questions on the activity sheet below.

Happy researching! 

Number Magic 



Today we have started a new Times Tables Rock Stars battle! Your class is competing against the other Year 2 class AND both Year 3 classes too! Good luck everyone!


For your number magic warm up today, we would like you to spend 10 minutes on Times Tables Rock Stars.


Here is your 5 a day and challenge for you to complete.


We have now moved on to learning about fractions! Fractions are really FUN and we think you will enjoy learning all about them. Today, we are easing you back in with an activity about equal and unequal parts. You need to be able to recognise equal and unequal parts. 


This week we are learning to spell words that have the 'igh' sound at the end spelled with a 'y'. 


First, have a look at the flipchart pdf below. Read the poem and see if you can spot all of the words with a y at the end which is pronounced 'igh'. 

Once you are ready, move onto the activity below. smiley

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