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Wilder's World of Adventures



Wilder’s World of Adventures

We are currently well into our theme, Darwin’s Discoveries, learning all about Charles Darwin’s voyages around the world on the HMS Beagle, where he developed his now famous theories about evolution and natural selection. Excitingly, we have discovered an explorer called Kitt Wilder, who sees himself as a modern-day Darwin and is currently trying to recreate the great man’s journey by sailing single-handedly on the same route the Beagle followed. We have been avidly following his journey and reading the blogs which he regularly posts. This has inspired us to create our own blogs and the children are really excited to share these with you at the end of the theme. We have done lots of learning about internet safety and how to ensure we are posting appropriate content and are busy creating our very own hybrid animals, which we are going to be blogging all about. Once the blogs are complete, we will send a link home so you can learn all about these fascinating creatures too!

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