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Tuesday 2nd February

Happy Tuesday Year 2!laugh

Did you enjoy learning all about our new continent Australia? Please do let us know if you did any of your own research and found out some interesting facts!


Today we would like you to read another traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime Story. This one is called 'Why the Koala Has a Stumpy Tail'. You need to read each section of the story carefully and answer the comprehension questions about it. Make sure you look back in the text to check your answer. 


Enjoy reading the new story! 


This week, we are going to create our own versions of the story ‘How the birds got their colours’.laugh

On Friday you are going to be writing a story that tells us how an animal got a certain feature, for example, ‘How male lions got their manes’ or ‘How unicorns got their horns’.

Today, we would like you to decide which animal you would like your story to be based on (this could be any animal you like, e.g., lions, unicorns, leopards). However, you need to make sure that you also think of an animal that looks the same but does not have that certain feature, for example, male lions have manes but lionesses do not, unicorns have horns but horses do not, leopards have spots but panthers do not, etc. 

Once you have story characters, you need to complete the task below.

In the inner boxes you need to draw your chosen animal. In the outer box you need to write vocabulary to describe the animal.

Use the example below to help you.


Today we are starting our unit of work on statistics, which is all to do with collecting, presenting and discussing data. This will be brand new to you as you didn't do any of this in Year 1. 


We are starting off by learning about tally charts. Some of you may have come across tally charts before. Watch the video below to find out more!

Tally Charts

Still image for this video

SPAG - Spelling

Today we are going to continue to practise spelling words that end in 'al'.

Today’s mission: you need to help the general find his way through the maze to get to his animal. However, you can only pass the words that end in ‘al’. If the word has an ‘al’ ending, you can continue along the route, but if it does not end in ‘al’ then you need to find a new route. As you pass each ‘al’ word, you need to write the spelling next to the picture in the maze.


Gold Challenge: Create a sentence for each of the words you meet along the way.

Number Magic 

Here is today's number magic. For the warm up today, we would like to spend 10 minutes playing 'Disco Robot' on Education City.

Forest School

As you would have had Forest School today, we have attached a website below that has lots of ideas for outdoor activities that you could do at home. You don't have to complete any of these activities, they are there for you to use if you would like to.smiley


Go to the video resource centre to watch Part 5 of 'Toto the Ninja Cat'. Enjoy!

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