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In reading this week, we have allocated you a new book to read:

Bronze 1: Mae in the Middle: Music Master Read, chapters 1 and 2 (pg 1-12)

Bronze 2: Pizza at the double, chapters 1-5 (pg 1-16)

Silver:  The curse of the Highwayman, chapters 1-3 (pg 1-22)

Gold: Rosa and the Runaway Ram, chapters 1-3 (pg 1- 17)


Reading task 1, after reading your allocated chapters, we want you to think about the characters you have read about so far and what phrases the author uses to describe their personality. Everything a character says is for a reason. You have been given a table to complete. For your given characters can you provide reasons for what the chosen phrases tell us about that characters personality.



Reading Task 2, we would like you to look at the front cover of your current book and think about what you would change if you could redesign the front cover. You could even become an illustrator and design your own front cover for the book!



Additionally, we would like you to complete the Reading Comprehension, The Man Who Moved a Mountain, at your relevant level.

1 star = Bronze, 2 stars = Silver, 3 stars = Gold



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