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Focus activity - Writing 


Dr. Rose used lots of verbs (doing words) when she was telling us about the rainforest. Complete the verb table by writing down the verbs Dr. Rose used for each animal. Then think of your own additional verbs that could be used for each animal.

Peg Activity


Watch the 'Green plants and animals in the rainforest' clip on BBC Bitesize. Listen carefully, the narrator uses some great adjectives and verbs to describe what is going on in the video. Maybe you could use some of these to help you with your focus activity.


The video shows lots of green plants and animals that live in the rainforest. Can you use collage to create your own green rainforest picture? You can use any green materials such as; tissue paper, paper, card, green plastic bags, green paint, wax crayons, pencils, leaves from outside. Your whole picture could be made of different greens with hidden camouflaged animals or you could add splashes of colour for rainforest animals that are not green!

Lolly activity - Maths


Have a go at the 'Weight and Sea, Comparing weight' activity on Education City and the counting Super Mover using the link below. 

Focus activity - Phonics


During the morning briefing the children will flick through the previously taught digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words. 


Use the alternative letter strip and have a look at the alternatives for 'air', it is attached below for you to show your child. 


Have a look at the phoneme spotter below and see if you can work out which sound we are learning about this week. Underline the words with the ‘air’ sound in and sort them into ‘air’, ‘ear’ and ‘are’. Can you spot a pattern? Are there any words that make the ‘air’ sound but don’t fit the ‘air’, ‘ear’ or ‘are’ rule?

Additional Activities




Learn how to walk like the animals in the rainforest by following this video.



Here are some rainforest creative ideas that you can choose to do with your child throughout the week.



On Friday 19th February, Chester Zoo did a live rainforest virtual zoo tour via Facebook. All the videos from this are still live on the Chester Zoo's Facebook page. The videos show some of the animals that Dr. Rose may see whilst she is in the rainforest. The advert and animal schedule can be seen below. 

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