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Here are you Bug Club texts for this week.  They are all non-fiction. Can you remember what that term means?  Non-fiction books are factual books, they are not stories.  Some of the main features of a non-fiction text are:  contents page, glossary and photos with captions.  Remember that if you come across a word that is in bold you will find that word in the glossary with an explanation of its meaning. 


Yellow: I Like to Collect

Green: Epic Adventures 

Orange: Flips and Spins

Turquoise: Can You Do This?

Purple: All About Mummies

Gold: Going into Space

White: Earth's Amazing Environments

Lime: Watching Comets


Happy reading!

This week your reading comprehension is also a non-fiction text about an astronaut called Neil Armstrong.  Read all of the text before you answer the questions.  You might want to highlight some words that you could ‘magpie’ and use in your writing task.

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