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Guided Reading

Today we are doing a live lesson around the task that you will be completing tomorrow - a leap frog task - like we normally would in school. Please try to make sure you attend the session as here we will focus on how we would like the task to be completed and offer you the chance to ask any questions you have about it.


Today we will be continuing with converting metric measures. You need to watch the video uploaded to the Video Resource Centre for 20th January. The lesson will focus on millilitres and litres. After watching this, you then need to complete the activity below at your relevant level.

Number Magic

You need Number Magic for your relevant level. If you want to challenge yourself, try completing the next level instead, create a bar model for the missing number question or try and beat your time from the previous day.

Theme- Science

Today we are looking at night and day on Earth. Below you will find a document explaining what you need to do along with tasks and links to support you.


For today’s PE session we would like you to complete the Joe Wick’s ‘PE with Joe’ session for today (Wednesday 20th).


This week we would like you to do some work on tenses. This will help you with your persuasive writing this week as it will enable you to confidently and accurately switch between tenses in your writing.

The link below sends you to a video for you to watch and you then need to complete the activity and quiz that is on the page as well.


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