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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week Two

Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,

We hope you enjoyed the activities we put on for you last week.  It has been lovely to hear from your grown ups about how well you have been doing and it has been very lovely to hear some have you have even set up your own little classrooms, still getting dressed and ready for school.

We all miss you all very much and think about each of you every day. We are very proud of you all! Just do a little bit every day and make sure you are playing with your toys lots and enjoying the lovely weather we are having. We hope you have seen our rainbow on the pirate ship and give it a wave when you go out for your walk.

Enjoy the activities we have put on this week and then have a lovely rest over Easter and we hope to see you all soon!

Mr Groves, Mrs Fogwill, Miss Redfern, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Court-Jones and Mrs Ford

Learning Through Play- Continuous Provision Activity ideas.


We sent out normal individual reading books for your child until Easter for you to read with them as normal.

We have just allocated this weeks guided reading book on Bug Club for your child to read and then do the associated quiz. You also have access to all previous books allocated.


Here are some comprehension workbooks for the various different levels the children are currently reading. Choose the one the closest matches your child’s individual reading level book band and give some of the questions a try.



This week we are learning the ‘ure’ sound. Please show the children on the phonics strips provided at workshops the picture that goes with the new sound. The action for ‘ure’ is to pretend to pull out a tape measure, starting with both hands together and then using one to pull out the tape measure from the housing. There is a game in Education City- Subjects- English-F2- Letters and sounds- Phase 3. Please encourage the children to play this game along with any others of their choice.

There are lots of games you can play with these sounds and sounds taught already such as pairs games, hangman, writing on ground grass, sky boards, magnetic letters, eye spy etc.

More games can be found at

and on Espresso which you can login to through the SIMS ID login. Espresso has word and sentence building games as well as some useful videos of how to make the sound. Click on Foundation, then Literacy, Phonics, Polly’s phonics. Please let the children use the activities found on the right hand side for sounds already taught.


The two new tricky words for this week are ‘do’ and ‘so’ please show your child these words written down and on their tricky word bumblebee mat provided at workshops. The actions for ‘do’ is to pretend to use one hand as a saw on the top of the other and the action for ‘so’ is to shrug with both hands out to the side.


The children enjoy coming up with sentences for the new words, playing stations with them where they have to run around the outdoor classroom to find the word and splat the tricky word where they are all laid out and first person to splat the word wins.


There are games relating to tricky words found in Subjects- English- F2- activities or for more of a challenge Subjects- English- Year 1- activities.


Here are some pictures from the books we were reading at school - Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. Have you got any of these books at home? Which is your favourite? Why?

Choose a picture and write about what you can see happening to Harry or a description of him and his dinosaurs.

Remember your capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, tricky words and making sure all of your letters are formed correctly.

Challenge – use a conjunction in your sentence or write 2 sentences with different conjunctions.  


You could then write your very own adventure about Harry and his dinosaurs, making sure it has a opening, a problem and a resolution and the end.


Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,


Dr Beth and Dr Kit were reading a story about Harry and his bucket of dinosaurs. As they were reading it, they got very muddled up because they could not work out how many dinosaurs Harry had in his bucket. Can you help them?

To do this task you will need a bucket of your own and some small toys. If you don’t have dinosaurs you could use toy cars, LOL dolls or any toys that will fit into your bucket. Remember to listen carefully and count accurately.


Challenge – after you have worked out how many dinosaurs are in the bucket, can you write a number sentence to record what you did using the +, - and = symbols?


1. It was a bright, sunny day and Harry went into the garden with his bucket of dinosaurs. In his bucket, he had 11 triceratops and 3 pterodactyls. How many dinosaurs were in his bucket? (Answer 11 + 3 = 15)


2. While Harry was digging in his sand pit, he found 4 diplodocuses and he added them into his bucket. How many dinosaurs are in the bucket now?  (Answer 15 + 4 = 19)


3. Harry was jumping on the trampoline with his bucket of dinosaurs and 6 dinosaurs came flying out. What is the total number of dinosaurs in the bucket? (Answer 19 – 6 = 13)


4. As Harry climbed out of his trampoline, he tripped on the step and 8 dinosaurs tumbled out of his bucket. How many dinosaurs were left in his bucket? (Answer 13 – 8 = 5)


5. Poor Harry was very upset that he had lost so many of his dinosaurs. Mum came to help him look for them. Mum found 5 dinosaurs and put them into the bucket. Harry found 9 dinosaurs. Did they find all of the missing dinosaurs?    (Answer 5 + 5 = 10. 10 + 9 = 19).


Can you create your own dinosaur maze game in Purple mash? If you login to through Sims ID. From the home screen press computing then 2 Do It Yourself and then Maze in the games section.


Watch the videos circled for instructions but then try to create a dinosaur themed game. Have fun!



Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,


Dr Beth and Dr Kit thought your dinosaurs made of natural materials were so good that they would like you to make a stick picture frame to put around your dinosaur. You can decorate it with natural materials from your garden or colour your stick frame, wrap string, wool or ribbon around it. Be creative.


Here are some examples.


Have fun!



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