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Wednesday 13th January


Welcome to Wednesday Maths. Today we are going to focus upon division. You will need to watch the video titled 'Maths Wednesday 13th January' (which you will find in the Video Resource Centre). It will take you through the lesson. Remember to have a pencil and paper, or something similar available to you so that you can join in with the lesson as you would in school. 

Then complete the tasks.

Whole Class Reading

Whole class Reading is a 30 minute activity so use both today and tomorrow to work on this task - especially as we need you to do the very best that you can.


The aim of the task is to use use your skills of prediction, in other words to say what you think will happen next!


You will need to read the text that we have already studied and look carefully within it for clues as to what will happen next. Take each paragraph one at a time, highlight any clues that you find that suggest what might happen next in the story and then write down at the side what  these clues tell you. 


Try to use the same level of detail you would be expected to offer in class.


Bronze Task - You can listen to the text being read again in the Video Resource Centre and below you will find a copy of the text for someone to read to you at home. 

Number Magic

Theme - Poetry

Now that you have had some practise of creating similes and metaphors you are ready to begin planning your own poem about winter.  Your  poem will be about the things you love about winter and will be called 'Joyous Journey'.  There is a video in the Video Resource Centre titled 'Planning poems  -similes and metaphors'.  Watch this before you start planning your poem.

Science - Friction

As we know from the text we have read so far, Ivan and Starjik both live in "A land of Ice and Snow!"

Today in Science we need you to carry out an experiment/investigation into a force that has a huge impact upon how people might move around when living in such a land.

  • A force is a push or pull that causes a change in speed, direction or shape.

  • Some forces are affected by speed, other forces are not.

  • All forces come in pairs, no force exists by itself.

Today we shall be investigating Friction. 

There is a video for this lesson in the Video Resource Centre, which you need to watch before you start  and a link to a Science clips video below to help you to understand this force a little more.

Please use the recording sheet to help you plan your investigation and to write you conclusion.

There is also a help guide so that you can see how you might set up your experiment. 


Use the success criteria to help you to write the most effective conclusion after you have finished.

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