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Dear Year 2,


We are carrying on with our recap of multiplication this week and moving into division as well. There is a problem solving activity for you to complete every day. Remember to just try your best and swap onto a different challenge if you need to. As usual, you also have your 5 a day to do in Number Magic.


Make sure you have a look at the list of games to play this week. Miss Bevand got very excited about the ‘Division Maths Road Hopper’ game and wants to know if you can beat her highscore of 64! You know how competitive she gets! 


Happy calculating!


Maths Games

Division Maths Road Hopper

Miss Bevand’s high score is 64. Can you beat it?

Try any of the games below:



Doggy Division Dinners

This game is useful to practice sharing objects equally. If you want something to test you calculating speed, try some of the other games.



Maths Fishing Multiplication

Another one of Miss Bevand’s favourites, this game will help you to practice your multiplication facts (and coordination)! Miss Bevand caught 4 fish. Can you beat her? Try any of the game options that have Y2 next to them.



Archery Arithmetic – Multiplication

This is another brilliant game to practise your multiplication. Miss Bevand scored 370 points. Can you beat her? Try any of the Year 2 options. 



Super Maths Bowling – Multiplication

Miss Bevand really loved this one but wasn’t very good at it! The faster you are with your multiplications the more accurate your bowl will be but you still have to click at the right time! Miss Bevand scored 35. Can you beat her? Can anyone get a strike?!

Again, try any of the Year 2 options. 

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