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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Focus Activity - PSHCE


This week with Jigsaw Jack we are learning about Celebrating Differences. Can you think of anyways you are different to someone that you live with or a friend? Chat to someone in your house about the similarities and differences in how you look or behave.

Lolly Activity - Maths


Follow the link below which will take you to a skip counting by 2 video. Watch the video and join in as many times as you want.


Challenge - Can you learn to count forwards to 20 and backwards from 20 in 2s without any help!

Peg Activity - Writing


Dr Rose has sent us another email. She is going to go to Antarctica. She wants to know about the animals in Antarctica so she's asked for our help again! Dr Rose has asked us to research an Antarctic animal and find 3 facts about it. Send a picture to your teacher’s home learning email and then we can send them to her at the same time. There are some fact sheets here to help you if need them.

Focus Activity - Phonics


During the morning briefing the children will flick through the sounds already taught, we will recap the 'ow' sound and show the children the two different graphemes 'ow' (e.g. cow)  and 'ou' (e.g. shout) both making the 'ow' sound. Please play this game with your child, each time they land on a different 'ow' phoneme they will need to practice the spelling of the picture using the 'Does it look right?' strategy. E.g. if they land on crown, you would expect your child to write 'c-r-ow-n' and 'c-r-ou-n', they then pick which one looks right to them. This process should be repeated when they land on a different image. 

Focus Activity - Science 

Ice rescue!


Can you help? We have penguins frozen in a block of ice and we need your help to get them out quickly! Fill in the sheet to tell us what you are going to do. You can watch this video to see what happens to ice over time to fill in the final box. 


If you would like to have a go at this experiment, use an empty plastic container, add something in that you would like to rescue, put it in the freezer over night. Try using salt, warm water and cold water to see which was the quickest to melt the ice. 


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