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Wednesday 13th January


If you missed our maths input on Teams this morning or if you are not yet confident with what we discussed, make sure you watch the video below. It is a recording of what we did in the input and will help you to complete your task.

The Multiplication Symbol 13.01.21

Still image for this video


As we would have had P.E in school today, we would like you to do some physical activity at home as it is very important that we stay active whilst at home. Today we have given you a link to a 'PE with Joe Wicks'. If you would prefer to do something else then that is fine! Just make sure you do something that raises your heart rate.

Number Magic

Here is today’s Number Magic for you to complete. We have linked below a lovely warm up game for you to have a go at before you start your Number Magic task today. Remember to complete just one of the challenges, you don’t need to do all three!


Today we would like you to learn about the United Kingdom and design a poster all about it. To begin with, we would like you to spend some time exploring this BBC Bitesize page. Watch the video and see if you can learn some facts about the UK.

You might also want to have a look at this website. You don’t have to read all the information but see if any of the pictures of famous people or faces catch your eye. When you see something that you think is interesting, see if you can read a little about it to learn some facts.

Once you are finished researching, design a poster about the United Kingdom. It is entirely up to you focus on, whether it be capital cities, flags or landmarks, whatever interests you! Make sure that you include a range of pictures and facts.   


Today’s reading lesson is a little different to previous days. In school we do lots of interactive whole class reading sessions where we read a bit of text and discuss answers to questions about the text. Today we are hoping to achieve something fairly similar!


First, listen to Miss Bevand reading the first section of ‘George and the Dragon’. This is the part of the story that we will be focussing on today.

George and the Dragon Part 1 Read Aloud

Still image for this video

We would like you to watch the video below. Miss Bevand will read you some of the story of ‘George and the Dragon’ and will ask you a question about the story. After each question, pause the video and have a go at answering it. If you have an adult with you, you can discuss your answer, but if not just have a think about what you might say to answer the question. You don’t need to write anything down. This is your only reading task of the day.

Line by Line

Still image for this video


Today we are going to have a go at doing some computing at home! How exciting!laugh

Now that you have read the story 'George and the Dragon'. We are going to start creating our own animated versions of the story. We are going to complete our stories over the next 3 days, so don't rush them to try and get them finished today as each day we will show you different steps to add to your story.

For today, we would just like you to draw out your stories. Don't worry about the writing to go underneath it today, we will complete that step tomorrow.

We are going to create our stories using the 'Purple Mash' app which you will find on the homepage when you sign into your Sims page.

You then need to select 'Art' and then '2Create a Story'. 


We have included a PDF - this may help you to break up the story and sequence it using pictures.


In the 'Video Resource Centre' under 'Year 2' we have attached a tutorial for you to watch. On here, Miss Rogers shows you how to access the application and how to use all the different tools. It also gives you some idea on what your pictures could look like.


Have a listen to our story at some point in your day. Go the the video resource centre to find it. 


School website - children - Video Resource Centre - The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me - Part 3

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