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Wednesday 18th November

Good morning everyone!smiley

I am so impressed by all the hard work that you completed over this past week. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

It's our last day of home learning today because we are back in school tomorrow! I cannot wait to see you all!!laugh


Don't forget our last Teams meeting at 10:30am this morning! Please don't worry if you can't make it. 


Today your activities include Reading, Maths, Number Magic, PE, Phonics and Science.

Please do feel free to email me your work. I love to see it.

Good luck!


We would of been doing PE in school today so I would like you to either complete a PE with Joe Wicks (there are lots of these to choose from on Youtube) or a Cosmic Kids Yoga. I will provide some links to a few below for you to choose from. You only need to complete one.

Get Energised! laugh

Number Magic

I have included another Number Magic for you to complete today. Complete this just as you would at school, choose your questions, Bronze, Silver or Gold and work out the answers for each of the five questions.

Remember don't do all 3 sections of questions - Choose either Bronze questions, Silver questions or Gold questions. You should only be doing 5 questions overall.

Make sure you use your bar models and number lines to help you, and if you have a ruler nearby, remember it also makes the perfect number line!


For your last reading task today, I would like you to complete another reading comprehension. Today your reading is all about the children's author David Walliams. Read the text through carefully and then have a go at answering the questions. The answers will all be within the text so remember to go back to it when answering questions to check that you are right! 


Once you have finished the questions, you can also find the answers below.


Don't worry - when we return to school tomorrow we will get to finally finish our Whole Class Reading book 'Tidy' smiley


Today I would like you to practise your fantastic Phonics!

Do you remember the game we play in school called Picnic on Pluto? Well, if you have a chance today, I would like you to have a go at playing this game at home.

Obb and Bob need your help! Obb and Bob are brothers. They love to eat, but they love to eat different things. Bob loves to eat snacks with real words on them. Obb loves to eat snacks with fake words on them. Can you drag each snack to the right brother?


So far, we have learnt about the characteristics of mammals and fish. Today I would like you to learn about the characteristics of birds. Can you name any birds? Have a look at the picture below and see which ones you recognise!

Just like mammals and fish, birds have certain characteristics which are special. Have a look at the picture below. Did you already know any?


This link below will take you to BBC Bitesize. There is a video for you to watch and there's also an activity and a quiz for you to test your knowledge!


Once you feel confident, there is an activity for you to complete. Label the bird diagram using your new knowledge of the different characteristics of birds. Refer back to the picture above and the BBC Bitesize link to help you. 


Today in Maths we are going to be adding two-digit numbers together using the partitioning method.

We will be exploring this method in more depth during our morning session today.

I have created a flow chart below to help remind you which steps you need to take during your calculations:


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