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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Focus Activity - Maths


Use a ruler or tape measure to order the penguins from shortest to tallest. Record what you find. 

Peg Activity - Writing

Fact finder!


Choose an Antarctic animal, one we have already talked about or one of your own. Find 5 facts about an Antarctic animal ready to write a fact file tomorrow.

Lolly Activity - Maths


Play the counting in 2s game 'Deep Discoveries' on Education City. Use a 100 square to help if you are finding it tricky.

Focus Activity - Phonics


During morning briefing the children will flick through previously taught sounds. Please play 'Mouse in the House' on Education City, then support your child to use the 'Does it look right?' strategy when spelling the images on the document below. 

Focus Activity - SPaG Mat 3


Choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold challenge. 

Focus Activity - PE Real Pe



Follow the link above to the 'real PE at home' website and then login using the username and password on the PDF document. When you are on the real P.E. at home website site click on the pictures shown in the photograph below. This week have a go at the Pirate adventure PE challenge. There are other games, skills activities, stories and songs in the 'Pirate' section that you can have a go at if you want to.

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