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Summer 1 - Kazam's Quest

Our theme this term is 'Kazam's Quest'. Abdul Kazam is a magnificent magician from the book 'Leon and the Place Between'. He has written to us and asked us to complete 6 challenges that he is sending across the term. These have been the challenges that we have been given so far:


Challenge 1- We had to compare circuses from the past and present day and talk about the differences between them. 

Challenge 2 - To write a character description about Abdul Kazam.

Challenge 3 - To create a circus dance.

Challenge 4 - To write a setting description for the Place Between.

Challenge 5 - To create a model of circus apparatus for Abdul Kazam to store in the Place Between. 

Challenge 6 - We are awaiting to hear from Adbul Kazam to see what our final challenge may be! 


We have been very busy, trying to achieve each challenge as well as putting on a circus play, which we will perform to school and also parents during the final week of this half term. The children are very excited to show everyone all of the hard work that they have been putting into their play. 


We had a great time visiting Worcester cathedral and finding out all about its history as well as why it is such an important place of Christian worship. We learnt about the creation story, drew Christian symbols on stones to help us remember our day and re-enacted bible stories using freeze frames.

Appearance from Abdul Kazam!

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