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Forest School Fun

After a week of Y6 tests our Y5/6 children enjoyed being reunited as they spent a day together in Forest School this week. There was slight apprehension over the weather forecast, but everyone decided it wasn’t going to deter them from having a great day.

There were three activities; practising the skills they have learnt over the last six or seven years, which ranged from making mini beast habitats, climbing trees, building shelters, whittling, lashing sticks together and weaving.  There was also a challenge to work as teams to construct the tallest free standing structure (everyone wanting the tallest children on their team!). But the most talked about activity was, in teams of three, building a fire and learning the art of lighting with a flint and steel.  The determination on the children’s faces was wonderful; no-one being defeated by the flint and steel!  Once lit, they needed to build it up so they could toast their marshmallows before squashing them between chocolate digestives, which they ate accompanied by hot chocolate.

Staff reported what a lovely day had been had by all and that it had been a pleasure to be with the children all day as their behaviour was impeccable, they threw themselves fully into the activities planned and worked well together on team projects. Most wonderful though was the laughter and pride emanating from the children.

(Report by Miss Redfern)

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