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Question time at Lyppard Grange

It’s been quite a week in politics and no less so for the children at Lyppard Grange as our Y6 children posed their questions to both the Mayor of Worcester, Paul Denham, and Member of Parliament for the Worcester constituency, Robin Walker, this week. As you can imagine, in light of recent news, the children had a lot of questions they wanted answers to, and were not backwards in coming forwards to find out all that they wanted to know. Their questions included “What will happen now that we’re leaving the EU?”, “Now that we’ve left will Turkey be allowed to join?”, “Will be still be called the United Kingdom now that Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in?”, “Will we still be allowed to play in the Euros?”, “Did the Royal Family get to vote?”, “What made you want to be a Member of Parliament?”, “Are M.P.s well paid?” and “What do you like most about your job?”

The children were, as always, fantastic ambassadors for the school and showed us all just how mature their thinking has become as they near the end of their primary school years. This is what Paul Denham and Robin Walker had to say about them on their blog and twitter feed respectively;

“One of the pleasures of being Mayor is hosting school visits to the Guildhall and there were two this week. German students from our twin city of Kleve came first, on an exchange with Worcester Royal Grammar School. Next, Spanish children called, accompanied by their hosts from Lyppard Grange Primary School. Young people appreciate our magnificent Guildhall, marvelling at its history, the stunning Assembly Room and the prison cells. They ask interesting questions – one asked where in the building my bedroom was!”

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