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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Archers and arrows

On Thursday 3rd March seven children represented Lyppard Grange at an archery event at Stanley Road Primary School. Callum E (Y3/4), Toby R (Y3/4),

James D (Y3/4), Hayden A (Y3/4), Abigail G (Y5/6), Olivia R(Y5/6) and Emmanuel O (Y5/6) started slowly, as did children from other participating schools, with many arrows

hitting the wall, landing on the floor and going anywhere other than the target! But with determination and resilience their aim became better and once they 'got their eye in'

everyone experienced success, with quite a few bulls-eyes from our budding Robin Hoods. 


Callum said, “I had lots of fun. There were eight schools there and we came fourth! I felt very proud that we got into the 2,000 point band.” and Toby reported, “I learned how to position the bow properly, pull the wire back hard then let go to fire the arrows. I got two bulls-eyes!” Both boys also said, “We showed good teamwork and determination and were praised for our behaviour and honesty. It was an excellent day.” 


Mrs Griffith, who accompanied the children, reiterated this, “There was lots of team work; I saw the children cheering each other on, congratulating each other and encouraging each other to have a go. I was proud to have taken this group of children. They were great ambassadors for the school and we came 4th overall, with a score of 2095!”

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