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Hot Lunch Orders

Many of you are now experts at ordering your child’s hot lunches on line and are loving the flexibility it offers you. However we have experienced a few hiccups over the past couple of weeks which we need to make you aware of so that you can check the same issues don’t arise for you: recently some amendments were made to the menu by Aspens, to add some theme days on the following dates:
  • 31st October - Spooky menu
  • 9th November - Bonfire Menu
  • 14th December - Christmas Menu
If you had already placed an order for these days, before these alterations were made to the menu, unfortunately your orders will have been automatically cancelled and refunded if you pay for your child’s meals. An email should have been sent out to all parents by Aspens, notifying them of this fact but after receiving messages to the contrary it has become apparent that some parents may not have been aware of these cancellations.
Please check if you have been affected by these changes to the above dates and create new orders if you wish to do so. Aspens send their sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Another feature on the Aspens website that many of you like is the ‘recurring order’ option., but beware - the computer hasn’t accounted for half term and school holidays so you may have accidentally booked (and paid for) meals in half term or over the Christmas break!

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