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Year 1/2 Explorer Dome

Help! Our world’s in crisis

On Thursday, Year 1/2 enjoyed an exciting morning exploring different environments around the world. An Explorer Dome came into school to take the children on an adventure into the depths of the rainforest, the desert and the icy surroundings of the Antarctic.

We entered the dome via a tunnel and once inside,  images were projected onto the walls to bring each environment to life.

First they took us on a journey into the rainforest where we experienced what it would be like to live in this environment, including thunder, lightening, rain and the sounds of the rainforest.  Next we went to the desert where we saw the animals that live there and the constellations of the night sky.

Finally we took a journey to the Antarctic where we dressed up in the clothes that we would need to survive in this area. We were then engulfed in a cloud of dry ice to experience the chill of the Antarctic.

The Children had a fantastic time and learnt a lot!

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