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Year 5/6 Battle of Bosworth Re-Enactment

On 24th January we had a tremendous battle on the school field! Before you panic, it was only a recreation of the Battle of Bosworth. Henry Tudor was played by some of our superb actors and was victorious against Richard III who was overthrown in a muddy, violent battle. Represented amongst the troops were standard bearers, archers, swordsmen and horsemen who fought bravely and courageously. 


We had been learning in our PE lessons how to safely create a battle using stage combat. As well as this, we designed and created a variety of props which included glimmering swords, colourful standards, protective shields and vicious crossbows. 


Fortunately, they didn’t get too muddy, unlike many children whose historical figure they were acting, died and fell to the swamp-like field! 


The whole of Year 5 and 6 took part and enjoyed the battle tremendously! It really helped to make us understand what the Battle of Bosworth was all about, how the people felt and why the Tudor period started. 


by Sasha L (Y6) and Sophie K (Y5)

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